Dipped in Colors

Making my way through cobble stone streets in this colorful dress seems like a dream or a scene from a movie. Colors set the mood for me. They allow me a filter to the world. When life is bright it seems as though anything is possible.

This year 3 new things happened to me. I rented garment, I bought a strapless bra that does it’s job and I attended a wedding. I loved my dress so much (…and apparently the bra that made the dress happened) that I wore that outfit twice, before shipping it back. These are the results!

Velvet + Stripes

I found these yellow velvet shoes at a thrift shop, in Cary. Imagine my excitement, when they fit perfectly and fell within my budget! I had been looking for statement clothing and these shoes were right inline. My favorite part is that they can be worn throughout the different seasons. As I walked to my car with my knew shoes, I day dreamed a dozen different outfits. It had been a while since I was this excited about shopping or finding something I loved. I couldn’t have resisted these shoes, if I tried lol.
Soon I found myself strolling downtown Raleigh, in my fancy new heels feeling fabulous. The lighting was on my side and this brought on an improdue photoshoot. I love walking, and I now have so many restaurants, bars and shops on my list from my stroll.
I spent the whole evening looking for inspiration and admiring the buildings, downtown. I had a wonderful dinner and ended the night exploring more of the city before heading home and putting my velvet shoes up. All was well in my world.