Weekly Inspirations – August 26, 2019

Hello Darlings! this week, remember to be yourself. Do not allow anyone to convince you that you need to dim your light to appease anyone else. We are constantly being told to be proud of who we are, that we should stay true to our own selves but it’s hard to follow these ideas when at the same time we mustn’t make others uncomfortable. The sun rises every morning without apology and i advise you to take notes. So don’t worry about who is uncomfortable by the light you emit. they’ll get over it. Promise.

Weekly Inspirations – August 5, 2019

Hey loves! Open your eyes! Do not get so tunnel visioned in life that you allow new opportunities to pass you by. We are creatures of habit and so it requires very little effort to shy away from the unknown. I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely necessary that you run towards life, with full force. Have you ever been driving and completely zone out only to arrive to your destination surprised and a little worried for your safety? Well many of us are living our precious lives in this exact mindset. It doesn’t have to be this way. Time has not and will never stand still for us to catch up and therefore every second counts and every moment should be maximized. So as you walk into this new day, new week and new month, I encourage you to to make it a personal goal to be more present and more aware of the things taking place with you and around you . Good luck!

Dipped in Colors

Making my way through cobble stone streets in this colorful dress seems like a dream or a scene from a movie. Colors set the mood for me. They allow me a filter to the world. When life is bright it seems as though anything is possible.

This year 3 new things happened to me. I rented garment, I bought a strapless bra that does it’s job and I attended a wedding. I loved my dress so much (…and apparently the bra that made the dress happened) that I wore that outfit twice, before shipping it back. These are the results!

Self Love/Self Worth

I choose you, even when others deny you. I choose to honor and care for you, as you have and will always be my first refuge. Because I love you, it will show in everything I do, in every friend I make and every relation I pursue. Because I Love you, we will take the time to discover our own power and Happiness.

Always and Forever, Fannie