The Weekend Guide

What: Sweat…

Where: Walk, Run or Bike at White Oak Creek and Black Creek Greenways.

Well technically, you can do these activities whenever but it’s going to be so nice this weekend and a newly-completed section of the greenway has been open since March of this year and so if you are all about the outdoors or if you’ve made the resolution to be outside more this year, this is perfect for you.

What: Eat…

Where: NC Sugar Rush.

On May 26 from 1PM to 5 PM, Memorial Day weekend gets sweet with the NC Sugar Rush food truck rodeo. Imagine at least 20 different food truck at Raleigh’s City Market filled with nothing but deserts. Face painters, ballon artists and more are also expected to be in attendance. If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, do not fret, they thought of you too.

What: See…

Where: Left Handed Liberty.

All the way through June 23, 2019 you’ll be able to see this exhibition of self taught artists at Gregg Museum of Art and Design. So if you are trying to stay out of the heat and have a chill day this is the perfect activity after brunch or lunch.

What: Sip…

Where: Brewery Tap & Table.

I have two words for you: Tacos and Beer…need more convincing? There is also a rooftop patio… I knew that would get you! Located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh, Tap & Table is one part craft beer bar, one part southern-inspired kitchen.