Weekly Inspirations – August 5, 2019

Hey loves! Open your eyes! Do not get so tunnel visioned in life that you allow new opportunities to pass you by. We are creatures of habit and so it requires very little effort to shy away from the unknown. I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely necessary that you run towards life, with full force. Have you ever been driving and completely zone out only to arrive to your destination surprised and a little worried for your safety? Well many of us are living our precious lives in this exact mindset. It doesn’t have to be this way. Time has not and will never stand still for us to catch up and therefore every second counts and every moment should be maximized. So as you walk into this new day, new week and new month, I encourage you to to make it a personal goal to be more present and more aware of the things taking place with you and around you . Good luck!

The Weekend Guide…

What: See…

Where: Triangle Cultural Art Gallery

Upcycled- The exhibit “Upcycled” debut last month in May, to highlight Haitian Heritage Month! The Ion verni art pieces takes me back to childhood memories, in Haiti. This event will be open to the public until June 28th, 2019. The artist is Charles Eneld who creates original wall pieces all made by hand and unique. He draws his inspiration from Haitian culture and religions. In 2016, he was featured in the Thayer Art Gallery Art of Ayiti and helped to raise over $ 10,000 in support of professional development of teachers in Haiti.

What: Eat…

Where: The Triangle Restaurant Week Participating Restaurants, Level 7 Roof Top Bar and Raleigh’s City Plaza.

Well…We can start with lunch and dinner at any restaurant of you choosing…That is any restaurant listed as participants in this year’s Triangle Restaurant Week. More details can be found here. End the night with drinks at Level 7. Located at North Carolina’s first AC Hotel, the roof top bar is best suited for get togethers and date night, on a summer night. If you decide to visit on Friday or Sunday nights, than you can add live music to the experience as well. More information about Level 7 can be found here. If you’re up to travel vial pallet on Saturday, you should head over to Raleigh’s International Food Festival on Saturday, June 8 2019. There will be food, beer and wine from around the world accompanied b live music and various forms of entertainment. Based on previous year’s attendance around 20,000 guests are expected. Get your ticket early and see you at Raleigh’s City Plaza for the event.

What: Do…

Where: Falls Lake Recreational Park

Hike at the Falls Lake Recreational Park. Falls Lake State Recreation Area is a collective of seven access areas scattered around the shoreline of this undeveloped, 12,000-acre reservoir. More than 300 campsites at four of the access areas offer a range of outdoor experience from RV hookups to primitive tent camping and group camps. There are five swim beaches in the recreation area and a number of boating ramps, some reserved for paddlers and non-gasoline powered boats. The Beaverdam access offers a network of mountain biking trails as well as a separate and quiet lake impoundment perfect for paddling, fishing and swimming. The Mountains-to-Sea State Trail winds through parts of the recreation area and is a centerpiece of a network of hiking trails. More information can be found here.

Dipped in Colors

Making my way through cobble stone streets in this colorful dress seems like a dream or a scene from a movie. Colors set the mood for me. They allow me a filter to the world. When life is bright it seems as though anything is possible.

This year 3 new things happened to me. I rented garment, I bought a strapless bra that does it’s job and I attended a wedding. I loved my dress so much (…and apparently the bra that made the dress happened) that I wore that outfit twice, before shipping it back. These are the results!

Velvet + Stripes

I found these yellow velvet shoes at a thrift shop, in Cary. Imagine my excitement, when they fit perfectly and fell within my budget! I had been looking for statement clothing and these shoes were right inline. My favorite part is that they can be worn throughout the different seasons. As I walked to my car with my knew shoes, I day dreamed a dozen different outfits. It had been a while since I was this excited about shopping or finding something I loved. I couldn’t have resisted these shoes, if I tried lol.
Soon I found myself strolling downtown Raleigh, in my fancy new heels feeling fabulous. The lighting was on my side and this brought on an improdue photoshoot. I love walking, and I now have so many restaurants, bars and shops on my list from my stroll.
I spent the whole evening looking for inspiration and admiring the buildings, downtown. I had a wonderful dinner and ended the night exploring more of the city before heading home and putting my velvet shoes up. All was well in my world.

The Weekend Guide

What: Sweat…

Where: Walk, Run or Bike at White Oak Creek and Black Creek Greenways.

Well technically, you can do these activities whenever but it’s going to be so nice this weekend and a newly-completed section of the greenway has been open since March of this year and so if you are all about the outdoors or if you’ve made the resolution to be outside more this year, this is perfect for you.

What: Eat…

Where: NC Sugar Rush.

On May 26 from 1PM to 5 PM, Memorial Day weekend gets sweet with the NC Sugar Rush food truck rodeo. Imagine at least 20 different food truck at Raleigh’s City Market filled with nothing but deserts. Face painters, ballon artists and more are also expected to be in attendance. If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, do not fret, they thought of you too.

What: See…

Where: Left Handed Liberty.

All the way through June 23, 2019 you’ll be able to see this exhibition of self taught artists at Gregg Museum of Art and Design. So if you are trying to stay out of the heat and have a chill day this is the perfect activity after brunch or lunch.

What: Sip…

Where: Brewery Tap & Table.

I have two words for you: Tacos and Beer…need more convincing? There is also a rooftop patio… I knew that would get you! Located in the heart of Downtown Raleigh, Tap & Table is one part craft beer bar, one part southern-inspired kitchen.