The Original Horse Racing Jockeys…

African-American men once dominated horse racing among the USA’s most famous 19th Century sports. Most of the Kentucky Derby champions were Black men who established huge names, winnings, and followings for themselves.

By Fannie

Weekly Inspirations – August 26, 2019

Hello Darlings! this week, remember to be yourself. Do not allow anyone to convince you that you need to dim your light to appease anyone else. We are constantly being told to be proud of who we are, that we should stay true to our own selves but it’s hard to follow these ideas when at the same time we mustn’t make others uncomfortable. The sun rises every morning without apology and i advise you to take notes. So don’t worry about who is uncomfortable by the light you emit. they’ll get over it. Promise.

Weekly Inspirations – August 12, 2019

Hey Loves! Listen, it is the easiest thing in the world to lose your focus or even your energy. Obstacles are everywhere, at every step and at every corner there is the potential of challenges. When we are broken down it can even feel like these challenges get the best of us every time. Trying to rise above and move forward can seem like a dream something out of our reach. I have been there and I understanding and still, I’m here to tell you that as you go into this new week know that you are able. You are capable of great things. You are capable of overcoming any and everything that has and will come your way. Put the focus back on the things that empower you. Being stuck in self doubt and negative talk isn’t part of the focus and so move away from these practices. You got this, I believe in you, always.

Weekly Inspirations – July 1, 2019

Hey Loves, I hope June was a productive month for you and that you are ready for all that July has to offer! July will be the month marking the half way point for the year of 2019 and I believe this to be perfect month to let things go. All the things that no longer serve you can find the exit, in July. You will know when you are ready to release them when the pain of holding on surpasses the fear of releasing back into the universe. Be courageous in your actions and be prepared for weight to be lifted off your shoulders, as you ascend to the next level in your life.

Weekly Inspirations – June 23, 2019

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As I was preparing myself for the upcoming work week last night, I became inspired to share with you all. So every Monday morning, I will be sharing thoughts with you my loves. In doing so, I hope to be able to take inspiration from my own subconscious and in the process inspire a number of you, as well. This week’s focus is on finance. Find inspiration in creating experiences vice simply making consumptive choices masked as “financial goals”. Take pleasure in the journey to financial freedom and less pleasure in things you may be able to purchase to pacify the real financial issue going on, in your life. I know it can be hard to accept that the person you see purchasing the latest of everything is actually the opposite of goals because…well they seem to have it all. Well, in this day in age you can paint whatever picture you see fit to the rest of the world and very seldom is that vision a realistic depiction of what’s taking place. So focus on what financial success means to you and asses where you are now in comparison. From there, make it your goal to research, ask and take action to further yourself on your own journey. Only you can bring positive change to your life!