Weekly Inspirations – June 23, 2019

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As I was preparing myself for the upcoming work week last night, I became inspired to share with you all. So every Monday morning, I will be sharing thoughts with you my loves. In doing so, I hope to be able to take inspiration from my own subconscious and in the process inspire a number of you, as well. This week’s focus is on finance. Find inspiration in creating experiences vice simply making consumptive choices masked as “financial goals”. Take pleasure in the journey to financial freedom and less pleasure in things you may be able to purchase to pacify the real financial issue going on, in your life. I know it can be hard to accept that the person you see purchasing the latest of everything is actually the opposite of goals because…well they seem to have it all. Well, in this day in age you can paint whatever picture you see fit to the rest of the world and very seldom is that vision a realistic depiction of what’s taking place. So focus on what financial success means to you and asses where you are now in comparison. From there, make it your goal to research, ask and take action to further yourself on your own journey. Only you can bring positive change to your life!