Lost in Thailand…

The year I traveled to Bangkok was an adventurous one. I remember being determined to travel, that year. At this point, I had been working in Japan for almost a year and had not taken a vacation. When the opportunity presented itself, I knew I had to go. I shared and Air B&B with a friend and the trip itself was nothing short of amazing. We spent the days letting the beauty of Thailand lead the way.
This trip will always be something I’m proud I had the apportunity to take on. In the mornings, we would break our fast with fresh fruits and street food. From there, we would walk until we could jump in a TookTook. We would tell the driver where we needed to go and he would entertain us the attire way there. We spend our days visiting landmarks and when night would fall, we would end up at the hottest parties. Afternoons were spend on the private rooftop pool accompanied with drinks and girl-talk.
The locals were extremely friendly, in the city. The one time we ended up at a local cooking class will prove itself to be an amazing memories as the years go by. We got to cook traditional dishes from scratch, even making our own coconut milk. We met some great people in that class and it didn’t hurt that the food was nothing short of amazing. I do regret not making it to the country side nor to the beaches. So until I make it to Phuket, Thailand is still in my bucket list…lol.