Weekly Inspirations – July 8, 2019

Hey Loves, I’m hoping that you have been Flawsome, thus far. Meaning, you have acknowledged all your flaws, while still embracing yourself. It may be hard to believe but for majority of us, it’s our flaws that sets us apart and accentuates our beauty…And so I tell you: ” Go forth and be Flawsome this week, my darling.”

Weekly Inspirations – July 1, 2019

Hey Loves, I hope June was a productive month for you and that you are ready for all that July has to offer! July will be the month marking the half way point for the year of 2019 and I believe this to be perfect month to let things go. All the things that no longer serve you can find the exit, in July. You will know when you are ready to release them when the pain of holding on surpasses the fear of releasing back into the universe. Be courageous in your actions and be prepared for weight to be lifted off your shoulders, as you ascend to the next level in your life.

7 Ways to Fall in Love with Yourself…

1. Find your purpose. What brings you joy? What brings you excitement? What are your hobbies? What is the one thing you can’t get enough of? The one activity you get immersed in and before you know 3-4-5 hours have gone by. Identify the things that bring you joy and treasure them, grow them and never let them go.

2. Take Care of Yourself. It is your responsibility to teach those around you how you should be treated. Be an example. Treat yourself with compassion and respect and expect the same from others. Do for yourself what you want done for you by others. By not waiting for anyone outside of yourself to show you love you have in turn uplifted yourself worth to the best possible position.

3. Find your tribe. The 5 people you spend the most time with tells a lot about who you are as a person and tells even more about the way you value yourself. So who are your 5? and what does that show? How do you feel around these people? and how are they aiding you in becoming a better person? It is important that you surround yourself with people who will love and support you through your journey.

4. Love those who love you. Appreciating the people in your life who appreciates you will keep your mental health in a space of prosperity. If you’ve ever been in a toxic relationship wether platonic or romantic than this should really speak to you. Nothing is more detrimental to you self worth than the chasing of love and acceptance from those who will never see your value.

5. Take and maintain inventory. Let’s be honest, we all have bad days. On our worst days, its even harder to love ourselves but that’s when it matters the most. On those days, I encourage you to make a list. the list can be as short or as long as you need. List out all the great things about you…brag a little! list out the smallest, the simplest and the biggest of accomplishments. Read over your list and it will lift up your spirit. Keep the list on you for as long as you need.

6. Be Honest, always. Always trust and believe in your abilities. You’ve survived this far so you must be doing something right. Look at the lessons you’ve grown through and learn. Keep it all the way real with yourself because you know yourself best. You know the good intensions you had that didn’t play out as such and you know your heart. So even when you are misunderstood, never allow others to paint the picture of who you are. You are the expert on you and don’t you forget it.

7. Know that You are enough. If you don’t know, I’m here to tell you today that you are enough. No matter what is happening in your life right now, no matter how off the mark you’ve been lately, no matter what others are accomplishing and no matter the time of the day, You are more than enough. If you remember nothing else from this read, know this.

The Weekend Guide…

What: See…

Where: Triangle Cultural Art Gallery

Upcycled- The exhibit “Upcycled” debut last month in May, to highlight Haitian Heritage Month! The Ion verni art pieces takes me back to childhood memories, in Haiti. This event will be open to the public until June 28th, 2019. The artist is Charles Eneld who creates original wall pieces all made by hand and unique. He draws his inspiration from Haitian culture and religions. In 2016, he was featured in the Thayer Art Gallery Art of Ayiti and helped to raise over $ 10,000 in support of professional development of teachers in Haiti.

What: Eat…

Where: The Triangle Restaurant Week Participating Restaurants, Level 7 Roof Top Bar and Raleigh’s City Plaza.

Well…We can start with lunch and dinner at any restaurant of you choosing…That is any restaurant listed as participants in this year’s Triangle Restaurant Week. More details can be found here. End the night with drinks at Level 7. Located at North Carolina’s first AC Hotel, the roof top bar is best suited for get togethers and date night, on a summer night. If you decide to visit on Friday or Sunday nights, than you can add live music to the experience as well. More information about Level 7 can be found here. If you’re up to travel vial pallet on Saturday, you should head over to Raleigh’s International Food Festival on Saturday, June 8 2019. There will be food, beer and wine from around the world accompanied b live music and various forms of entertainment. Based on previous year’s attendance around 20,000 guests are expected. Get your ticket early and see you at Raleigh’s City Plaza for the event.

What: Do…

Where: Falls Lake Recreational Park

Hike at the Falls Lake Recreational Park. Falls Lake State Recreation Area is a collective of seven access areas scattered around the shoreline of this undeveloped, 12,000-acre reservoir. More than 300 campsites at four of the access areas offer a range of outdoor experience from RV hookups to primitive tent camping and group camps. There are five swim beaches in the recreation area and a number of boating ramps, some reserved for paddlers and non-gasoline powered boats. The Beaverdam access offers a network of mountain biking trails as well as a separate and quiet lake impoundment perfect for paddling, fishing and swimming. The Mountains-to-Sea State Trail winds through parts of the recreation area and is a centerpiece of a network of hiking trails. More information can be found here.

Dipped in Colors

Making my way through cobble stone streets in this colorful dress seems like a dream or a scene from a movie. Colors set the mood for me. They allow me a filter to the world. When life is bright it seems as though anything is possible.

This year 3 new things happened to me. I rented garment, I bought a strapless bra that does it’s job and I attended a wedding. I loved my dress so much (…and apparently the bra that made the dress happened) that I wore that outfit twice, before shipping it back. These are the results!

Velvet + Stripes

I found these yellow velvet shoes at a thrift shop, in Cary. Imagine my excitement, when they fit perfectly and fell within my budget! I had been looking for statement clothing and these shoes were right inline. My favorite part is that they can be worn throughout the different seasons. As I walked to my car with my knew shoes, I day dreamed a dozen different outfits. It had been a while since I was this excited about shopping or finding something I loved. I couldn’t have resisted these shoes, if I tried lol.
Soon I found myself strolling downtown Raleigh, in my fancy new heels feeling fabulous. The lighting was on my side and this brought on an improdue photoshoot. I love walking, and I now have so many restaurants, bars and shops on my list from my stroll.
I spent the whole evening looking for inspiration and admiring the buildings, downtown. I had a wonderful dinner and ended the night exploring more of the city before heading home and putting my velvet shoes up. All was well in my world.

Lost in Thailand…

The year I traveled to Bangkok was an adventurous one. I remember being determined to travel, that year. At this point, I had been working in Japan for almost a year and had not taken a vacation. When the opportunity presented itself, I knew I had to go. I shared and Air B&B with a friend and the trip itself was nothing short of amazing. We spent the days letting the beauty of Thailand lead the way.
This trip will always be something I’m proud I had the apportunity to take on. In the mornings, we would break our fast with fresh fruits and street food. From there, we would walk until we could jump in a TookTook. We would tell the driver where we needed to go and he would entertain us the attire way there. We spend our days visiting landmarks and when night would fall, we would end up at the hottest parties. Afternoons were spend on the private rooftop pool accompanied with drinks and girl-talk.
The locals were extremely friendly, in the city. The one time we ended up at a local cooking class will prove itself to be an amazing memories as the years go by. We got to cook traditional dishes from scratch, even making our own coconut milk. We met some great people in that class and it didn’t hurt that the food was nothing short of amazing. I do regret not making it to the country side nor to the beaches. So until I make it to Phuket, Thailand is still in my bucket list…lol.

Self Love/Self Worth

I choose you, even when others deny you. I choose to honor and care for you, as you have and will always be my first refuge. Because I love you, it will show in everything I do, in every friend I make and every relation I pursue. Because I Love you, we will take the time to discover our own power and Happiness.

Always and Forever, Fannie

Weekly Inspirations – August 26, 2019

Hello Darlings! this week, remember to be yourself. Do not allow anyone to convince you that you need to dim your light to appease anyone else. We are constantly being told to be proud of who we are, that we should stay true to our own selves but it’s hard to follow these ideas when at the same time we mustn’t make others uncomfortable. The sun rises every morning without apology and i advise you to take notes. So don’t worry about who is uncomfortable by the light you emit. they’ll get over it. Promise.

Weekly Inspirations – August 12, 2019

Hey Loves! Listen, it is the easiest thing in the world to lose your focus or even your energy. Obstacles are everywhere, at every step and at every corner there is the potential of challenges. When we are broken down it can even feel like these challenges get the best of us every time. Trying to rise above and move forward can seem like a dream something out of our reach. I have been there and I understanding and still, I’m here to tell you that as you go into this new week know that you are able. You are capable of great things. You are capable of overcoming any and everything that has and will come your way. Put the focus back on the things that empower you. Being stuck in self doubt and negative talk isn’t part of the focus and so move away from these practices. You got this, I believe in you, always.

Weekly Inspirations – August 5, 2019

Hey loves! Open your eyes! Do not get so tunnel visioned in life that you allow new opportunities to pass you by. We are creatures of habit and so it requires very little effort to shy away from the unknown. I’m here to tell you that it’s absolutely necessary that you run towards life, with full force. Have you ever been driving and completely zone out only to arrive to your destination surprised and a little worried for your safety? Well many of us are living our precious lives in this exact mindset. It doesn’t have to be this way. Time has not and will never stand still for us to catch up and therefore every second counts and every moment should be maximized. So as you walk into this new day, new week and new month, I encourage you to to make it a personal goal to be more present and more aware of the things taking place with you and around you . Good luck!

Weekly Inspirations – June 23, 2019

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. As I was preparing myself for the upcoming work week last night, I became inspired to share with you all. So every Monday morning, I will be sharing thoughts with you my loves. In doing so, I hope to be able to take inspiration from my own subconscious and in the process inspire a number of you, as well. This week’s focus is on finance. Find inspiration in creating experiences vice simply making consumptive choices masked as “financial goals”. Take pleasure in the journey to financial freedom and less pleasure in things you may be able to purchase to pacify the real financial issue going on, in your life. I know it can be hard to accept that the person you see purchasing the latest of everything is actually the opposite of goals because…well they seem to have it all. Well, in this day in age you can paint whatever picture you see fit to the rest of the world and very seldom is that vision a realistic depiction of what’s taking place. So focus on what financial success means to you and asses where you are now in comparison. From there, make it your goal to research, ask and take action to further yourself on your own journey. Only you can bring positive change to your life!